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Abhinav Chandoli
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Google’s decision to put an end to personalized ads on Android may come as surprise to many. Because at core Google is an advertising company. Close to 80% of its revenue comes from advertising. But with pressure from regulators and consumers, Google had no choice but to follow Apple’s lead to protect users' privacy and data.

A recent policy update on Advertising revealed that this rollout will affect apps running on Android 12 devices this year and will expand the service to devices that support Google Play services in 2022.

All the apps on Android that run ads use a…

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It’s been a pretty busy day for Apple, WWDC 2021 showcased some of the important tech Apple is working on and will work on over the next year. With big announcements of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and many more. For the Mac users, Apple has finally unveiled the next version of macOS: Monterey. Looks like Apple is probably dropping the numbering from the naming convention.

Unlike last year's Big Sur, Monterey is a muted update. Big Sur saw the biggest change in macOS look which borrowed a number of elements from Apple’s other operating systems like iOS and iPadOS. It…

Tech Breakdown

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For years, whatever iPhone generation Apple debuted has always gone on to become the year’s most anticipated smartphone. Even mediocre iPhones or minor changes over previous generations generate so much hype that no matter how great or even superior devices Android OEMs release, iPhone simply outperforms them.

Samsung is likely the only Android OEM to maintain its calm in the flagship market. Now there’s probably another tech giant that might pose a serious threat to Apple, but only if that company, which is famous for messing things up, doesn’t mess things up this time especially in smartphone space. …

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Apple’s macOS is one of the most efficient and productive operating systems available. Apple also improved M1 with the release of macOS 11.3 bringing more native and fully supported apps to M1. Because Apple places so much focus on functionality and usability. It’s no wonder why many people consider macOS to be one of the most user-friendly desktop operating systems available.

Given the fact that macOS has many advantages, it also has some obvious drawbacks, particularly in professional and functional use cases. These drawbacks can also sometimes hinder our experience while working. …

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One of the most important things you need to learn as a developer is to work smarter. Being productive is something that almost everyone has struggled with and sometimes app development can be intimidating even for experienced developers. That being said it’s still not hard to master developing your apps more productively.

One of the best and easy ways to do that is to use tools that make you more productive and simplify your routine. Thankfully we have a lot of resources and tools to just do that. …

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Apple’s macOS is one of the most powerful and productive operating systems available. With the new macOS 11.3, Apple introduced M1 improvements too. Because Apple puts so much focus on its functionality and usability. Many consider macOS to be one of the most complex yet simple to use and user-focused operating systems around. With the new macOS 11.3, Apple introduced M1 improvements too.

Despite the fact that macOS has a lot going for it, it also has downsides, especially in professional and practical use cases. These downsides can sometimes get in the way of using it. …

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“One More Step Forward”

Apple introduced their all-powerful and redesigned iMac featuring M1 silicon in its first Spring Loaded 2021 event. With this new redesign, iMac is finally joining the Apple M1 lineup. Along with M1, the new iMac features a 4.5K Retina display, studio-quality mics, and many more.

Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing said “M1 is a gigantic leap forward for the Mac, and today we’re excited to introduce the all-new iMac, the first Mac designed around the breakthrough M1 chip.”

Apple’s latest and greatest iMac boasts a boatload of features and upgrades over the…

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The macOS operating system has long been regarded as one of the most powerful and usable available. Significant changes have been made in the beta edition of the new macOS Big Sur upgrade. WWDC 2021 is also approaching; Apple can add even more impressive functionality to an already full OS, which may help you get the best out of your macOS.

However, although macOS has many awesome benefits, it also has some serious drawbacks. These disadvantages would sometimes also make it difficult to use. Still, luckily, we can download applications to fix practically every problem imaginable. …

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Apple’s macOS is the preferred choice of most Data scientists. Mainly because of its simple and uncluttered experience. Mac machines get along well with almost all the tools a data scientist needs and then some. Even the less powerful models of Macs like MacBook Air can handle tools with ease.

Even Open source tools are better supported in macOS and are much easier to install compared to Windows. But even then you can find some hiccups while using macOS for data science. Thankfully we can install apps to minimize those problems. …

Abhinav Chandoli

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